Friday, July 17, 2009

Whhels North Day???? Land o Ports

Salem to Portland.
Today was a blissfully short day. Just perfect for leading into a rest day. At this point, whenever there are hills, or what we have come to jokingly refer to as "rollers", the group tends to split up a little. So it was today.
The road has a way of evening things out though, and so it did today. Flat tires were being handed out like party favors, and it brought us all back together for the run into town.
That is, until the killer roller coming into Portland. Steep,yes. Peter seemed to have an optimistic(to him), yet unrealistic(to me) sense of my strength when he later told me I could have stayed with him up that climb. "You just have to hurt, and make it up...keep going" Oh, right, I guess I kinda forgot about that while my legs were screaming and my lungs threatening to explode out of my chest. Thanks for the advice.

The fun note of the day; Shawn "little" Ziegler getting "loose" in the sake tasting room at the lung stop.
Good stuff.

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