Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wheels North Day 3

Corning to Weaverville.

As hard as yesterday was, today was as sweet. We progressed further up the central valley, soon to escape the clutches of its oppressive heat. The two main climbs were hard for sure, but I decided to take a cue of self preservation from Team W (Warren and Willie). We kept a mellow pace, stopping in what little shade was available to kick off the shoes (a la Greg) have a bite and a sip, hit the Friction Zone (good stuff! chamois creme) and basically stayed within ourselves.
Taking a breather at the base of the Hayfork Summit climb did wonders to lower our body temps before grinding up. It must have done the trick because I flew up the climb. It was about 1000 vertical feet in say, a few miles, but I hit a good rhythm and took off.
The roads were a treat. A lot of ups and downs, NOT rollers as we know them...they make 'em bigger here. Everyone was tired after the constant up and down, but the roads were so nice and the scenery so pretty that noone really much cared how tired they were. We were glad to be done and off to the showers.

Until the water sternly refused to warm up. Oh well.
Pizza and bed.


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