Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wheels North; Seattle bound

Not much to report on today, possibly due to the fact that I'm posting this three days after the fact in order to catch up.
Peter, Greg, Warren and I started a little early, anxious to get the final century out of the way. Peter pulled almost the entire first 30 miles at Peter Speed, and flew past the first sag stop as Greg, Warren and I stopped for some fuel, a rest and saner, more human speeds. We worked well together and by and by found ourselves on the outskirts of our goal.
Ever attentive, and well practiced in the art of the town line sprints, Greg had the honor of taking the sprint into Seattle. I was looking for a somewhat grander sign than was presented us and was caught completely unprepared. Kudos to Dr. Ngo. The loss was worth it though for what came after.
You could feel the tension building for the possibility that the "real" Seattle sign was still forthcoming. Going up a hill, we both spied a green sign up the road and instinctively started sprinting to it, just in case. We were pretty evenly matched, so I really just had to do something. I clicked down a gear and started to pull irrevocably away, to which Greg exclaimed, much to my delight, "You gearly mother@#&*!%!"
Gearly, you see, is the epithet of the fixed gear riders to those of us with the brains enough to use a bike as it was intended. Tee-hee.
Turn out, it was just a neighborhood sign, but it was so worth it fopr that reaction.
The three opf us had aboput 2 or 3 hours to kill at the park which was the designated meeting place in order to regroup and ride the last bit together. Had some deli snacks, relaxed in the shade, did some push ups, and generally enjoyed the fact that we were pretty much done. It was kind of entertaining to see Peter and Mojo blast by twice while looking for the park. Not so much for them though, I gather.
By and by, everyone came in and we scuttled of to put this thing in the bag, which we did, arriving finally at the fabled fountain on the University of Washington campus. Smiles and champagne went round, nice words spoken from Evelyn's son and daughter, and even a phone call from her made a nice finish. Lots of photos, and a fantastic view of Mount Rainier.

Many thanks to our tireless crew; Laurie, Kim, Natalie, Alison for seeing that about all we had to do was ride. And special thanks to Steve and Eric M. for their course marking, which made following the sometimes numerous turns so much easier for us riders.

Good times. Good times.

Links to photos and videos hopefully forthcoming.


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