Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wheels North; Misguided Mojo

Today's big event was crossing into The Great State of Washington, and the attendant, and inevitable race to the state line. There was some rumor going through the group that the line was within 6 miles of our start, out just out of town, or some other such nonsense. So, just out of town, group spinning along peacefully, Dr. Ngo's legs got the better of him, causing his mouth to say something on the order of, "Ok kids, let's get this party started".
That's really all Peter and Mojo needed to hear, and on they went, with me, Greg and Willie in tow. So everyone is all amped and practically tingling, waiting for "the bridge" whereon, halfway across resides the state line. Apparently taking on the role of the guy who knows where he is going, Mojo leans into a right turn at the base of some nondescript, and rather short bridge, and the rest of the break tears off in pursuit.
Only, it's the wrong bridge. Shame all that wasted adrenaline.
So what once was a short warm up and quick sprint to the line then settle in for the remaining 90 miles morphed into a 50 or 60 mile road race for the actual bridge, containing the actual line.
It was myself, gamely trading pulls with Mojo and Peter for a good while. Those guys being the monsters they are however, I was relegated to "hanging on for dear life" status with about 15 miles to go as they tried to drop me. So it was a minor victory for myself to get "not dropped". I figured if I killed myself to stay on, at least I'd have a ring side seat for thew sprint as they rocketed away from me on the bridge.
Coming closer to the bridge, Peter made sure that I was aware that if I went for it, soon after he would do me the favor of making sure both my legs had immediate need of casts. Or something like that.
So of course, coming up on the last traffic light before the bridge, I took off. They got got stuck at the light and it was all go for me. As promised, I stopped before the line, and filmed them coming across arm in arm.
After that, it was pretty much a group ride into Centralia, where we stayed at a local church, and had local church dinner.
Last day tomorrow.

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