Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More North.

The ride thus far is taking on a recurring theme; Oregon=beautiful roads for riding, be they paved or otherwise. Thankfully though, the "otherwise has been kept to a minimum. There was another toughy climb today up to the lunch stop which included a good portion of gravel road, but somehow it didn't really matter. It was long enough to get into a groove, steep enough to make you work hard, but gorgeous enough that you didn't care.
More hot soup on top was nice since we have really made the transition to pacific northwest weather. I was actually dreading the chill of the impending descent until Laurie magically drove up, enabling me to grab my arm warmers which I stashed earlier. Mojo, Greg and I decided we'd heard enough shooting in the distance (locals being locals) and pushed off down the hill. I was glad to be "representing" in my DBC orange and blue, figuring I'd be less likely thought an animal target.
Somehow, I started feeling really good a bit after descending and took the opportunity to start motoring. I guess starting the mellow for the first few days is paying off. I can't wait to ride the Tuesday hill ride when I get home!
Our accommodations for the night were in a frat house rumored to be the very one that Animal House was filmed in. I took some photos that reminded me of some of the scenes, but I did not get the chance to fire off any lines from the movie. I'll have to check out Wikipedia to verify. The house mom (Karen) was more than nice, and one of the head brothers, (Tim) did very well by us, to the point of setting up breakfast, which made our crew's morning routine so much easier. They deserve it.
Tomorrow, off to Salem.

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