Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wheels North, Don't Pay the Ferryman

A ferry ride across the Willamette and a spot of rain punctuated today's ride, for those of us up front that is. Those trailing behind got the ferry ride too, but had the pleasure of having the skies open up on them. I'm sure they will have much more epic tales than I, but somehow I don't mind.
Warren and I were a bit ahead on the road down to the ferry landing when I looked back to see the other guys, they had acquired a friend in the form of a friendly black lab, trotting along beside them. My thought of it belonging to the ferry driver proved wrong, so I pulled it off, got him to sit, then held him there till the gate went up on the ferry, which I promptly jumped back over. I guess the dog didn't have the proper fare.
Peter was on another planet today, pulling myself, Greg, Eric and a spinning-himself-silly Warren all the way in. A bit after the ferry we were whelmed (not overwhelmed mind you) with the scent of mint, or maybe comfrey as Warren suggested. THe sweet smell in the air, the cool overcast weather, and near perfect roads conspired to make it about as perfect a moment on the bike as you can imagine.
If the ride itself was an ice cream sundae, then the cherry was the suites we were staying in at Willamette University. Four nice bedrooms per suite, very modern, comfy, and a hot shower that I, at 6'2" could stand up straight under!


The Zieglers made a beer run, and we played some hearts. With Greg and Mojo being as adept at cards as they are strong on the bike made it a particularly nice day for me, having taken the town line into Salem, and successfully sticking it to them, slyly shooting the moon in hearts.

Odd how mojo's point total kept getting lower however...

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